Fifty Power Words that sell

Words sell,  Full stop.  Words can unleash overwhelmingly strong emotions in every one of us. They can make us fall in love, go to war and give to charity.  They persuade, convince and make us take action.

The English language now contains over one million words.  However there are only a few words  which are powerful and compelling enough to move your customers to action.  How you get them to buy your product or service comes down to one important factor: the power of your words.

When it comes to writing persuasive copywriting, whether for a website, leaflet, FaceBook Page or email, choosing the right words absolutely matters. You can accomplish this best by cherry-picking from a proven list of “power words” that will help transform your sales.

When you use quality power words, your customers will respond to you in a different way.   They will pay attention to you, they will stay on your page longer and they may eventually feel compelled to make a purchase from you.

If you’re looking for simple ways to use “power words” in your marketing material, here is a list of 50 for you to use immediately.  It’s a convenient, “how-to” guide that will improve your copywriting and ultimately make you more sales.

Absolutely Health / Healthy Save
Accomplish How-To Secrets
Achieve Improve / Improved Secure
Benefit Instant / Instantly Shocked / Shocking
Best Love Simple
Clear Cut Money Solution
Compelling More Strong
Convenient New Top
Critical Now Uncover
Dependable Personalised Unique
Easy/Easily Private Unleash Unleashed
Ensure Proven Unlimited
Exciting Quality Unlock
Free Quick / quickly Winning
Fun Results Yes
Guarantee / d Safe / Safely You / Your

How many can you incorporate into your marketing copy to make it more powerful?

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